Inspired by wine and planet protection, we have been dreaming about combining them together.

Thus, we realized that we can do it. Our objective is to offer you the most sustainable wines that fit your philosophy of life.


Mickael Alborghetti

Founder & CEO

"My desire was to combine my love for wines and my wish to be helpful for our planet. I cannot change the world on my own, but I do believe that we can make it a better place together by protecting our environment. To do so, it is necessary to change our daily routine which includes changes in the drink industry, which is why our actions will be part of a sustainable business that protect our environment."

Mathilde Dautriat Zermati

Oenologist & Buyer

"Feeling environmental awareness, my mission is to find and highlight winemakers that are concerned about the environment and tomorrow's challenges.
In that way, we offer the best match between quality and planet conservation."

Camille Gante


With EthicDrinks, we want to allow everyone to drink good wines while taking care of our planet.
As an epicurean, I love good times and get together with family and friends to eat and drink. I also believe in sustainable way of life and integrated agriculture to preserve our resources.
My mission is to offer wines with the best ecological footprint in line with their lifestyle. We want to build a lasting relationship with our customers in order to make them happy with our products, and everyone can enjoy drinking with the right environmental choices.

Margot Cluzel


I'm passionate about communication and environmental awareness. My role is to offer creative and informative digital content for EthicDrinks!

Marine Laulan

Business development

Sensitive to ethical projects and passionate about wine business, I'm happy to be part of EthicDrinks and its development in France.

Vanessa Stylos

Export Sales

Excited about the wine industry and new ways to help our planet, I’m thrilled to work with eco-friendly wines and eager to help EthicDrinks share them with the rest of the world.

You want to contribute to the EthicDrinks project with us?

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