Pioneering the sustainable
drinks industry

Reducing the drinking industry impact at the source by working with sustainable producers and innovating the way drinks are packaged and distributed.

Like you, we believe that as consumers we have a responsibility to change by carefully choosing what we buy and who we buy from. EthicDrinks helps you to archieve that goal.


We carefully select our favorite wines with the winegrowers

We always are looking for new wines and new producers that share our values.

They need to be Organic, Biodynamic or sustainable certified.


          We welcome wines coming from the whole world & we love organic and low sulfites.

Suggest your wines in bulk/available for blending or bottled wines with your brand on the forms below:

Bulk wines

Branded bottles

If you are a supplier working with a sustainable vision or wish to talk with us about new projects, please drop us an email.

Packaging & shipping

We offer you the inside, we recycle the outside.

What ?

We have developped the most sustainable packaging for the planet. It’s made from recycled or natural materials, and is also  100% recyclable.


Zero Plastic

Only 5% of plastics produced since 1970 were recycled.

We removed all of them!


We believe in NGOs

By trusting us as experts with your wine selection, we believe we have a responsibility to the planet.

That is why we partner with various non-governmental organizations on different projects. Check-out our projects page to learn more or inquire about a project with us.



Passionate, committed and devoted to
providing you a better, more sustainable drink offering.



We are always open to share experiences with you,
drop us an email or your phone number and we will get back to you.

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