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EthicDrinks lance sa consigne de verre depuis l'automne

Act for good

We wanted to involve the consumer at the heart of our actions. Each bottle comes with a personalized QR code that will empower our customers to plant a tree.

Don't break my Ice

The goal is to raise awareness about the irreversible effects of global warming on the polar ice caps and their living species, which is gradually leading to species extinction. 

How do we act ? Certified carbon-neutral, we limit and offset our CO2 emissions in order to help preserve the polar ice caps from global warming. We also work with TOWT sail transport.

Un monde meilleur

Un Monde Meilleur, meaning “a better world” was created to talk about an happy and ecological approach. The idea is to make consumers aware of their power for our planet.

How do we act ?
We support the Earth, its fauna and flora through our active protection of the environment with our partnerships with NGOs like WWF.

Vague de bonheur

Vague de Bonheur is our Terroir range. 

Sous l'océan

We launch this brand to raise awareness about the protection of the ocean with our partners Sea Shepherd & Surfrider.

Sous l’océan meaning under the sea represents the life under water that we want to preserve. 

How do we act ? 
We are engaged with Sea Shepherd & Surfrider and are actively fighting against plastic pollution under the sea by supporting the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. We have also banned plastic throughout all our operations to inspire a sustainable future.


A brand to sensibilize for the animal and vegetal biodiversity. According to WWF, we lost 60% of wild animals in the last 50 years.

How do we act ? 
We are engaged with WWF and we believe in biodiversity for a sustainable future. We also offer the opportunity of partnerships with beehives.

Planète vivante

Planète vivante, meaning “living planet” refers to the WWF’s Living Planet Report that measures human relationship with nature. 

How do we act ? The consumer has the opportunity to plant a tree for each bottle purchased thanks to a personalized code on the back label.


We have a range with different Champagnes, Premier cru, No-sulfite & more.

On dirait le sud

The Mediterranean Sea is the hotspot of global biodiversity. As a natural and strategic region, it plays a fundamental historical role in the development of the surrounding territories. 

Tchin !

A brand to toast with friends.
Tchin is our cuvée for the happy moments that will come after this long period of health crisis, to celebrate the joy rediscovered.

Modern wines with freshness and pleasure to share.

How do we act?
We want to raise awareness about the planet through a fun and exciting way to cheers to the planet. “Tchin!” to the planet, to sustainable development, to joyful consumption!

Wine to Tree

We wanted to symbolize the vine’s life cycle from plant to glass.
How do we act? We give the consumer the opportunity to plant a tree for each bottle purchased thanks to a personalized code on the back label.

And many others

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