What is a natural wine?

25 May 2023

Natural wine is here to stay! More and more people are interested in these natural wines because they either have no or very little oenological input or no or very little sulphites. We will tell you more.

Natural wine comes from hand-picked grapes

Hand-harvesting is a guarantee of the quality of the grapes. In fact, the manual harvest allows us to select the bunches in order to obtain the best grapes. We can oppose the mechanical harvest, which brutalises the vines and favours the yield in the selection of the grapes.

A natural wine is a wine without any intervention.

As we have seen, a natural wine is a wine without additives, where the use of natural yeasts is preferred. These wines are often organic and/or biodynamic (see our article on the different labels). In addition, a natural wine is very rarely filtered or fined: the idea is not to deprive the wine of its richness.

Natural wines and wines without added sulphites

And what about the sulphur in all this? Natural wine producers undertake not to exceed the following doses 30mg/litre for a red wine and 40mg/litre for a white or dry rosé.

Some winemakers also work without sulphites, such as our Graves Bio AOC Bordeaux without sulphites.

This 100% Merlot is a wine with fine and delicate tannins that melt on the palate. Certified organic and with no sulphites added at bottling, this wine is pure and the aromas are fully expressed. In the mouth you will find floral notes and ripe red berries for your greatest pleasure.

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