Ethics at the Heart of the Label: Our Commitment to Transparency at EthicDrinks

16 February 2024


At EthicDrinks, our mission goes beyond creating delicious organic beverages. We believe in total transparency and honesty, which is why we place ethics at the heart of every label we affix to our products. Discover how our commitment to transparency defines our company and guides every sip you enjoy.

Quality Ingredients, Transparent Origins


When you choose EthicDrinks, you choose quality. We believe in knowing the source of every ingredient we use. On every label, we detail the flavors. This guarantees not only exceptional flavors but also total traceability for our consumers.

A clear and responsible production process


We select our partner winegrowers from all over France by buying in bulk, then blend our wines in our Bordeaux cellar.

Our bottles are made from recycled glass, which makes them lighter and reduces carbon emissions. They are certified zero-plastic: no capsules, no adhesive labels thanks to vegetable glue, paper and corks from sustainable forests and FSC-certified.


Minimized Environmental Impact: Responsible Packaging


Our commitment to transparency also encompasses our environmental impact. Every label reflects our commitment to responsible packaging. From recyclable bottles to eco-responsible packaging, we inform you about how we minimize our carbon footprint.

At EthicDrinks, we believe that every consumer has the right to know what they are consuming. Our commitment to transparency is our commitment to you. With every label, with every sip, we invite you to share in our ethical journey, where ethics is more than just a word: it’s a promise we honor at every turn. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.


Cheers to the planet !

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