Your cocktails with our organic sparkling wines

15 June 2023

Here are some ideas for cocktail recipes that you can make with our sparkling wines.


The perfect balance between a fruity frame brought by the Glera grapes, the floral and thirst-quenching side of citrus aromas and an airy bubble that leaves us with a sparkling and pleasant mouth.




Let’s start with the most classic of all, and also the easiest to make.

In a flute of champagne,

4cl of squeezed orange juice

8 cl of champagne

Pour the fresh orange juice directly into the glass and top with champagne.


The Bellini is originally made with Prosecco, the sparkling wine of La Botte, from which this delicious cocktail originates. We opted for a more chauvinistic Champagne version.

 In a flute of champagne,

4cl of peach puree

A dash of cane syrup

6 cl of champagne

Pour the peach purée and the cane sugar syrup into the flute. Lengthen with the champagne then stir delicately.


Prosecco lychee cocktail and rose water

10cl Lychee juice

1 tbsp. coffee Rose syrup

15cl Prosecco Rosé

For the realization of this cocktail we recommend our rosé prosecco.


You probably all know the mojito but have you ever tried the royal champagne-based mojito? For this cocktail we recommend our Champagne – Nouveau Jour.

4cl of Cuban rum

Half a lime

A few mint leaves

2 spoons of brown sugar

3 drops of Angostura

10 cl of champagne

crushed ice

In a mojito glass pour the brown sugar, add the lime cut in four and the mint. Using a pestle, crush the ingredients. Then pour in the rum and then the crushed ice. Top off with champagne and don’t forget the angostura. A true delight !

Spritz recipe with white prosecco without aperol

To make this cocktail based on white prosecco, you will need these different ingredients:

*8cl of elderflower syrup

* 12cl of white prosecco

* ice cubes

* 10cl of sparkling water

* 2 slices of lemon

* A few mint leaves

In two tall glasses, place the ice cubes. Then add the elderflower syrup. Top with the prosecco then the sparkling water. Add the lemon slices and then the mint leaves. Mix and serve immediately!

Rosé St-Germain Spritz

This cocktail is based on rosé prosecco

4 cl of ST-GERMAIN

6 cl of Prosecco Rosé

6 cl of sparkling water

lemon zest

Put the ice cubes in the glass and pour all the ingredients. Stir gently. Garnish with a zest of lemon.


In a flute,

A piece of cane sugar

3 dashes of Angostura

An orange zest

4 cl cognac

8 cl of champagne

At the bottom of the flute place the piece of sugar, soak it with angostura. Pour in the cognac and complete the mixture with the champagne. Decorate with an orange zest. A variant is possible with a maraschino cherry.


In a flute,

3cl of Calvados

2cl creme de cassis

2cl of Vermouth

1.5cl lime juice


Pour all the ingredients except the champagne into a shaker two-thirds full of ice. Knock then filter and pour into a tall glass. Lie down with the champagne. Decorate with a blackberry or a slice of lime.

The Pink V

10 cl of Prosecco rosé

5 cl of Very Pamp

2 cl lime juice

1 cl strawberry syrup

Pour the prosecco into a glass, then the very pamp, lime juice and finally the strawberry syrup. For this cocktail we recommend our rosé prosecco.

Cheers to the planet !

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