Enjoy a beautiful and refreshing chardonnay made by Alex and EthicDrinks.

Delicate notes of tropical fruits and citrus fill the palate with a subtle minerality and a crisp finish.

You can savor this white wine with appetizers, seafoods or cheeses.



EthicDrinks is a committed actor in organic wines. Company with a mission, our goal is to make wines respectful of the environment, for the planet and for consumers. Each part has been studied to have the least impact on the environment : zero plastic packaging, lighter bottles, organic cork, labels made of recycled paper and glued with vegetable glue, carbon neutral transport, committed to NGOs like WWF.  


Our engagements

Our purpose is to make the world of wine more respectful of the environment by being part of a sustainable development approach for the planet and for the consumers.

We defined and follow these 4 objectives:
  1. Limit and offset our carbon emissions 
  2. Ban the use of plastic in the company 
  3. Promote only organic and vegan wines 
  4. Make donations to NGO’s with a part of our sales

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