Biodiversité is available !

8 avril 2021


You already know our Biodiversité wines
But I have news of the utmost importance!
I can finally tell you where you will be able to find this delicious cuvée which promotes animal and plant biodiversity.
Just in time for spring, it is available in a well-known French convenience store…


Let’s play a game!
Guess which French convenience it is store with this riddle


If you follow us on social networks, you already know the answer, but for the more playful ones, let’s see if you can find the answer! It only takes a minute 😉
My first is all alone in this world
My second describes the value of a product
My whole is a popular French convenient store
Who am I?
Did you find out ? 
The answer is…
We are pleased to announce that you can find our 3 Biodiversité wines at Monoprix!
Remember, Biodiversité is : 
1 Sauvignon blanc
1 Rosé
1 Merlot 
All three of them are available starting on the 7th of April, so there are no jealous ones 
and there is something for everyone.  


For those who like fruitier wines
Fresh and fruity, they will compliment your seasonal dishes weather they are warm or cold!
For those who like lighter tannins
For those who love rosé in the spring as much as the summertime
These wines are perfect for you!
You can drink them on their own, you can drink them with a meal, you can drink them here or there,
they are so good, so good you see
! ❤
I stopped by yesterday when the aisle was still in preparation but now it is nice and full!
You can buy them immediately from the Monoprix website in the “Vins Rebelles” category or go directly to the stores to discover them!
A little glimpse of before/after
Diapositive précédente
Diapositive suivante
We are so happy that Biodiversité is available in distribution at Monoprix!
Don’t hesitate to let us know on social media which one you have chosen, if not all three of them 😋
My favorite is right here 
Have a great weekend! 
I will see you next week with a new article about responsible consumption! 
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