Follow us in our adventures, commitment and new projects !

Today, I present you in detail the journey of the brand Minuit sur Terre 
We are excited about our collaboration with this 100% vegan brand.
Come meet Marie and her team and discover the manufacturing process and their choice of raw materials.
Today celebrating our planet, Earth
For the occasion, I’m introducing you to our range Planete Vivante, that pays tribute to our planet. A colorful and delicious range that can accompany us everywhere!
I am also telling you about the mission that awaits our French astronaut Thomas Pesquet who will command the International Space Station for six months.
It’s Springtime and the buds are coming out of their hiding place
and have started to break ♥
But the freeze at the start of April turned everything upside down.
Find out more about how the winegrowers are getting together
to protect their plots. 
Finally! Biodiversité is available everywhere in France! ♥
Do you remember these 3 wines (white, rosé and red)?
Well, they are waiting for you to try them!
For the occasion, I’ve even added a little game to help you guess where you can find them! Enjoy !
This weekend it’s Easter time ♥
A good occasion to cook 3 recipes to have successful meal ! 
I propose to discover 3 recipes with 3 different wines
Enjoy !
On this Global Water Day, I present you our brand new range already available in the store ! A vintage that pays tribute to our partner associations for the protection of the oceans. ♥
On this Global Recycling Day, I thought that it would be important to tell you about our carbon footsprint and to show you how we work to reduce and offset our carbon emissions. 
A little bonus: discover Margot’s testimony !
Let me introduce you to our two new gems! 
These two delicious Champagnes will bring freshness, flavor, and fine bubbles to your favorite dishes. 
Bonus: they are already available on our shop!
I am unveiling two new recipes that go perfectly with our wines from the new Biodiversité range that will be available very soon!
Vegetarians recipes to the arrival of Spring !
On this beautiful sunny Saturday, I would like to introduce to our 3 global NGOs committed to the protection of Man, the environment and animals. 
All 3 are different, yet they all have an important role to play for the well-being of our planet. 
 It’s International Save the Bears Day! 
You are beginning to know me, I take every opportunity to talk to you about a subject that is close to my heart.
 A little bonus: I will introduce you to something new! 
EthicDrinks x Minuit sur Terre
A meeting between 2 eco-responsible Bordeaux companies who wish to change consumption for a better world and planet.
Today, I present you the whole EthicDrinks team !
You will discover more and understand the role of each one. We are a dynamic team that coordinates well and helps each other. 
It’s Candlemas!
Crepes day and the perfect opportunity to treat yo’self 
I’ll introduce you to some food and wine pairings that will complement your crepe choices
Red wine, white wine, bubbles, there’s something for everyone!

To celebrate Green Week which favors environmental and ecological actions, and for this first blog article, I am excited to introduce you to an important commitment, respectful of the environment … 


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