2 mars 2021

Today is candlemas !

Today is Candlemas! And who says Candlemass says indulgence and crepe toss competition all week long! 
Victorious will be the one who throws the crepes the highest!
This occasion is my opportunity to make tons of crepes to eat with family, loved ones and/or between friends. With a little rhum, orange blossom or grand marnier, they will only taste better! Now is the time to bring out your (our your grandma’s) best home made jams, your most delicious spreads without palm oil, your nicest sugar, brown or white and your favorite coco; and for the Bretons, your finest salted butter caramel.
So, what should you drink with sugary crepes? Bubbles, bubbles!
To change from the traditional Norman or Breton cider, and given the high consumption of bubbles with crepes; it is essential for me to tell you about our Champagne Bruno Michel –
A balanced Champagne with pretty bubbles that leaves a fresh and firm finish. Its particularity ? It is truly environmentally friendly: without a cap, in a lightweight bottle, with a recyclable label and glued with plant materials.
The fine bubbles of this Champagne will bring you a nice freshness with tasty and subtle notes.
If you are like me, a fan of crepes with jam or chocolate and hazelnut spread, this Champagne will work perfectly because it will cut through the sweet side. We brought in this Extra Brut Champagne, zero dosage! Okay, but what is zero dosage? It is a Champagne that contains less than 3 grams of sugar per liter and with no added sugars.
:poing_levé:0 plastic and 0 carbon
:tête_de_panda: Vegan
But what if you’re team savory crepes? Don’t panic!
Many are inspired by the traditional complete galette (savory crepes from part of Brittany ^^).
Candlemas is a great opportunity eat them! These are crepes made with buckwheat flour, accompanied by Ham Egg and grated Gruyère. Others follow the traditional recipe while adding ham and other salty foods that complement it …
For fans of a complete galette, or mushroom ham (like a Regina for pizzas), I recommend our Merlot Pays d’Oc
This is the ideal appellation and grape to accompany your savory crepes!
Our Merlot – Merveille de Vignes is a well-balanced wine with aromas of liquorice and pronounced red fruits with supple tannins.
This gourmet wine goes perfectly with ham pancakes or even other savory foods such as andouille.
For fans of salmon leek crepes like me, I suggest you try our Chardonnay – Merveille de Vigne which will be more mineral with a nice acidity. This dry white will bring you notes of white flowers, citrus fruits and above all a nice freshness.


It is a balanced wine that goes perfectly with trout or even salmon, this is an opportunity to really treat yourself.

Of course, everyone is free to do what they want, but we hope to have been able to guide you with some pairing ideas.
But to begin, you’ll have to prepare your crepe batter and let it rest for an hour … that’s the secret to successful crepes and to help you make delicious crepes, I was inspired by the famous Hervé Cuisine recipe :index_vers_le_bas:
what will you be tempted by?
Are you part of the sweet or savory team?
Tell me in the comments and have a nice crepe night😋

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