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2 mars 2021

Our grape marc is in sneakers!

 I have great news! If you follow us on Linkedin, you could have discovered the news before everybody else ^^
Indeed, last Wednesday we announced our partnership with Minuit sur Terre created by Marie Viard – Klein. 
What is Minuit sur Terre ? 
It’s a French fashion brand from Bordeaux that makes shoes, bags and sweaters with eco-responsible materials. We are thrilled to contribute to this impactful and ethical project: sneakers made of apple leather and grape marc soles!
Specifically, it is a mix between two raw materials: recycled rubber and our grape marc.
Knowing that it is the biggest waste in any wine estate, it is most of the time sent to distillation to be burned when nobody wants to use it.
Thus, through Marie’s initiative, we grant it a second life and make an additional gesture towards our planet. 


This collaboration between EthicDrinks and Minuit sur Terre comes naturally.
Both brands are eco-responsible and have many commonalities such as the use of agricultural waste for the product or the packaging.
In addition to being stylish, these sneakers are very comfortable!
You can feel good in your sneakers while acting positively towards planet! 
Minuit sur Terre was the first brand to create sneakers with a grape leather exterior. 
Today, it is for her shoe soles that Marie wanted to recycle our grape marc for an even greater responsible approach.
You will thus find in this pair of sneakers:
 – Cereal viscose for the lining and insole (not for human consumption) and recycled polyurethane.
Recycled plastic bottles for the laces, fished out of our beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
 – Our organic grape marc is kept by our winemaker partners and given to Marie to add to the recycled rubber, resulting in pretty and floral outsoles.
 – Apple-based vegetable matter for the outside of the shoe (20% polyester, 16% cotton, 36% polyurethane, 26% apples).

Our two approaches are closely linked. 
The start-up is also a precursor in its field, as we are the first green wine company and we are located in Bordeaux too!
We offer you organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines.
For both our brands, our products and/or packaging are recycled and recyclable.
Our partnership goes without saying, as Marie on Linkedin so aptly put it


Since 2017, Minuit sur Terre has put ethics at the heart of its activities. 
Every season they offer new collections with a new raw material; and this month, it is the grape that is featured as it is “grape for the planet!” ♥🍇
The shoes are made in the workshop in Portugal.
Marie chose Portugal for its reputation and know-how in leather goods and shoes but also for its proximity to France.  🇫🇷 🇵🇹

A successful gamble for Marie who, for the last 3 years, has been developing different collections with respect for animals, women, and men but above all for the Earth.
She wishes to offer unique pieces with the lowest possible environmental impact.
At EthicDrinks we are all fans of Canelle, the star of the show and Minuit sur Terre’s mascot! 
I had to share this adorable photo with you and invite you to visit our Instagram account as well as Minuit sur Terre’s account to participate in our contest to try to win your pair of vegan, ethical and responsible sneakers.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I look forward to seeing many of you participating in this crazy contest!
As for our Biodiversity bottle that you can see on the pictures, it will be presented during my next article, see you on February 23rd ! 

Have a nice weekend and see you next week !

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